Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

recuperative thermal oxidizers, Ship & Shore Environmental The Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer is designed for process applications such as chemical manufacturing processes and cellulosic ethanol plants with lower flow rates or for VOC concentrations above 10% LEL. The recuperative thermal oxidizer heat exchanger recovers available thermal energy for reuse in preheating the incoming process airstream and as a result minimizes system fuel consumption. Heat recovery achieved can be as much as 75%. Standard VOC destruction efficiency for a recuperative thermal oxidizer is 99% plus. recuperative thermal oxidizers, ship & Shore Environmental Our knowledgeable staff can help you solve your environmental and global warming issues while improving your bottom line. Ship & Shore Environmental engineers, design and fabricate custom recuperative and regenerative thermal oxidizers tailored for the conditions of a specific application. Our safe, reliable and quality air pollution control systems are renowned for meeting the most stringent air pollution abatement regulations. Our design process includes studying each application carefully to understand data that will help us meet your needs for today and in the near future. We offer a comprehensive suite of products and services to accommodate all levels of the process, from engineering recuperative thermal oxidizers to installation of complete air pollution collection and abatement systems.