Ship & Shore Aftermarket Services

The ownership of air pollution control equipment goes beyond recognizing your air pollution control equipment is still running. The critical components of thermal oxidizers are not visible at first glance and the lack of internal/overall inspection of your unit may lead to costly downtimes and nuisance shutdowns. Our team of trained technicians have years of experience servicing all brands of oxidizers and can provide a wide variety of aftermarket services.


Damages of the internal insulation of a thermal oxidizer can be detected early if frequent thermal imaging of your equipment is done. A thermal image allows you to see where damages of internal insulation may lead to overheating or failure of the thermal oxidizer shell. Hot spots at the surface of your unit indicate where overheating and possible warping of the sheet metal may occur. Hot spots are not visible to the human eye but are necessary to be replaced before they cause real damage. Not repairing damages early enough can lead to shut downs and serious loss of production.

Thermal Image

Hot Spot on RTO shell

Internal Hot Spot


Ship & Shore Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) are equipped with ceramic heat exchanger media. Media can be ceramic saddles or structural media blocks. Without performing an annual internal PM Inspection of your thermal oxidizer, you may find that your media is plugged up or damaged, creating a pressure drop across your oxidizer chambers.

Example of plugged ceramic saddle HX media

Example of plugged honeycomb HX media

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