Process Analysis

S&SE engineering services offers a full on-site evaluation of your equipment, processes and systems. This process analysis is a comprehensive report with cost effective recommendations for reducing and controlling emissions, recovering waste heat and streamlining process integration to optimize equipment, efficiency and operations while meeting the latest environmental regulations.

Ship and Shore RTOs have proven to be reliable, energy efficient and a good value in relationship to competing companies’ products. They have always striven not just to sell us equipment, but to fully understand our processes and provide us with the best possible solution for our needs. Maybe even more important, their product support is excellent.
Shawn Osler – Environmental Compliance Manager, Carlisle Construction

Getting Started with S&SE

Collection Data
Utilize our team of experts to collect and analyze the data as we conduct an inventory of all the process emission sources at your facility to be included in the total PTE calculations.


Process Emission Assessment
Our engineers conduct a thorough evaluation of process emission streams and provide a comprehensive process analysis of the following to ensure a high VOC destruction rate efficiency for peak performance and low maintenance operation.

• Determining Process Flows
• VOC/HAP Concentrations
• Mass Balance
• Oxygen Content
• LEL levels


Clean Tech Selection
The data we gather is then calculated to custom design abatement technology solutions to resolve common to challenging air pollution issues. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box to provide multiple technologies to maximize performance, efficiency and profitability with a 100% compliance track record with environmental agencies and regulations.


PLC & HMI Based Controls
S&SE’s programmable logic control system provides optimal operation of air pollution abatement systems. PLC is the heart of any pollution control system and will be programmed to meet the unique requirements of each application and can be accessed remotely.


Fabrication & Installation Materials
S&SE engineers carefully analyze all of the operation process to select the right materials for each application and project. Our expertise, reliability and quality control in this area improves life span of the equipment and prevents unnecessary heat stress and corrosion.

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Let one of our experienced engineers provide pricing and information that meets your specific needs.

Compliance Services

The Benefits of Working with Ship & Shore Environmental include:

Our Goal is to Meet Your Needs

The goal of every project is to create a custom solution that will best meet the individual needs of each facility.  Please contact us today for more information about how our products and services can be your air pollution abatement solution.

  • Our equipment is manufactured in the USA
  • Complete in-house engineering team and disciplines.
  • In-house project engineer manages your project.
  • 24/7 factory-trained service available by telephone.
  • Standard and extended warranty on all manufactured systems.
  • Equipment is pre-tested, pre-piped, pre-wired and skid-mounted to minimize installation time and expense, as much as practical.
  • Installation, commissioning and aftermarket service provided by trained personnel.
  • Complete VOC collection system design and installation.
  • Customized heat recovery solutions.
  • Ship & Shore Environmental is proud of our 100% success rate for all of our projects.