Condensing Economizer Systems

What is Condensing Economizer?

Condensing Economizers improve the thermal efficiency of boilers by cooling the exhaust gas below its dew point (about 135°F for combustion products of natural gas) and recovering the latent heat of water vapor through special designed heat exchanger units.

How Condensing Economizers Saves-Energy?

Hydrocarbon fuels produce considerable quantities of water vapor as a combustion byproduct. When one molecule of methane (the main constituent of natural gas) is combusted, it releases two molecules of water vapor. In other words converting to pound/mole, every pound of methane produces 2.25 pounds of water vapor.


CH4 + 2O2 → CO2 + 2H2O


  • High energy efficiency
  • Minimum maintenance
  • No need a direct supervision
  • Easy installation
  • Control remotely by PLC & HMI
  • Produces water


  • Textiles
  • Commercial Laundries
  • Food and beverage Breweries
  • Large Hospitals
  • Non-integrated Paper Mills
  • Green Houses
  • District Heating
  • Buildings Heated by Steam or Hot Water

Save Energy, Save Nature

This technology lowers energy consumption and GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions significantly because of utilizing the latent heat in the flu gas and returning the heat to the system. Therefore, Condensing Economizers integrate energy savings and GHG reduction goals at the same time. Considering new regulations by environmental agencies (such asAB 32 and Carbon Footprint issue), reduction in energy expenditures and GHG emission will lead to product cost reduction and become an imperative source of competitive advantage for your corporation. By utilizing Condensing Economizers, your company can enhance steam and hot water system efficiency overall heat recovery by up to 10%.

41.9 lb of methane is required to generate one MMBtu (CH4 Heating Value is 23,861 Btu/lb) which produces 94.3 lb of high temperature water with latent heat of 970.3 Btu/lb under standard pressure. That is, generating one MMBtu by combusting methane releases 91,495 Btu of water vapor heat (9% of the produced energy content) to the boiler stack which can be reclaimed by installing Condensing Economizers.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction and Condensing Economizer


Saving wasted energy means using less fuel and higher efficiency. It also means reducing greenhouse gas emission (CO2 and NOx as a natural gas combustion byproduct) and cleaner air. Thus, Condensing Economizers can lower the CO2 and NOx level up to 9% by using less hydrocarbon fuel. We take pride in engineering, designing and manufacturing quality products (including air pollution control systems) with the least negative environmental impact. Contact us today to learn more about condensing economizers, condensing boiler systems or other products and services.

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Condensing Economizers Systems

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